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金曜日, 6月 19, 2009

PostGISの新バージョン 1.4

PostGISの新バージョン 1.4にむけたベータ版がリリースされました。


AsGeoJSON() がいい感じ


Here are some more details about 1.4:
- API Stability
 - As of the 1.4 release series, the public API of PostGIS will not
       change during minor releases.
- Compatibility
 - The versions below are the *minimum* requirements for PostGIS 1.4
 - PostgreSQL 8.2 and higher on all platforms
 - GEOS 3.0 and higher only
 - PROJ4 4.5 and higher only
- New Features
 - ST_Union() uses high-speed cascaded union when compiled against
       GEOS 3.1+ (Paul Ramsey)
 - ST_ContainsProperly() requires GEOS 3.1+
 - ST_Intersects(), ST_Contains(), ST_Within() use high-speed cached
       prepared geometry against GEOS 3.1+ (Paul Ramsey)
 - Vastly improved documentation and reference manual
       (Regina Obe & Kevin Neufeld)
 - Figures and diagram examples in the reference manual (Kevin Neufeld)
 - ST_IsValidReason() returns readable explanations for validity
       failures (Paul Ramsey)
 - ST_GeoHash() returns a geohash.org signature for geometries
       (Paul Ramsey)
 - GTK+ multi-platform GUI for shape file loading (Paul Ramsey)
 - ST_LineCrossingDirection() returns crossing directions (Paul Ramsey)
 - ST_LocateBetweenElevations() returns sub-string based on Z-ordinate.
       (Paul Ramsey)
 - Geometry parser returns explicit error message about location of
       syntax errors (Mark Cave-Ayland)
 - ST_AsGeoJSON() return JSON formatted geometry (Olivier Courtin)
 - Populate_Geometry_Columns() -- automatically add records to
       geometry_columns for TABLES and VIEWS (Kevin Neufeld)
- Enhancements
 - Core geometry system moved into independent library, liblwgeom.
       (Mark Cave-Ayland)
 - New build system uses PostgreSQL "pgxs" build bootstrapper.
       (Mark Cave-Ayland)
 - Debugging framework formalized and simplified. (Mark Cave-Ayland)
 - All build-time #defines generated at configure time and placed in
       headers for easier cross-platform support (Mark Cave-Ayland)
 - Logging framework formalized and simplified (Mark Cave-Ayland)
 - Expanded and more stable support for CIRCULARSTRING,
       COMPOUNDCURVE and CURVEPOLYGON, better parsing, wider support
       in functions (Mark Leslie & Mark Cave-Ayland)
 - Improved support for OpenSolaris builds (Paul Ramsey)
 - Improved support for MSVC builds (Mateusz Loskot)
 - Updated KML support (Olivier Courtin)
 - Unit testing framework for liblwgeom (Paul Ramsey)
 - New testing framework to comprehensively exercise every PostGIS
       function (Regine Obe)
 - Performance improvements to all geometry aggregate functions
       (Paul Ramsey)
 - Support for the upcoming PostgreSQL 8.4 (Mark Cave-Ayland, Talha Bin
 - Shp2pgsql and pgsql2shp re-worked to depend on the common
       parsing/unparsing code in liblwgeom (Mark Cave-Ayland)
 - Use of PDF DbLatex to build PDF docs and preliminary instructions
   for build  (Jean David Techer)
 - Automated User documentation build (PDF and HTML) and
   Developer Doxygen Documentation (Kevin Neufeld)
 - Automated build of document images using ImageMagick
   from WKT geometry text files (Kevin Neufeld)
 - More attractive CSS for HTML documentation (Dane Springmeyer)
- Bug fixes
 - http://trac.osgeo.org/postgis/query?status=closed&milestone=postgis+1.4.0&order=priority

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