Lab Members

Graduate Students

Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, University of Tokyo:


Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies:

Department of Socio-Cultural Environmental Studies, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences:

Department of Psychology, University of Tokyo:

Visiting Researchers

I also work with students in the Department of Urban Engineering, University of Tokyo.

Students conduct research on various issues of spatial cognition and behavior, with the view to examining (a) spaces that humans perceive, conceive, and remember; and (b) methods of presenting spatial information and their effectiveness.

Possible topics for research in my lab include, but are not limited to:

We welcome people who have interest in any aspects of the interaction between space, humans, and information, and want to examine empirically "why." In terms of academic background, knowledge about any one of the three would be an asset: space (e.g., geography, planning, architecture, or civil engineering), humans (e.g., psychology, linguistics, or philosophy), or information (e.g., computer science or informatics).

We hope that people with various backgrounds join the lab and set out on a scientific mental-spatial journey with us.