Low-Cost High-Accuracy Receiver Systems


Receiver Systems: Type A, Type B, Type C, Type D


Download Android APP for RTK based on RTKLIB (for Type C)

Connect u-blox M8T or M8P to an Android device by OTG Cable

Contact: dinesh{at}iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp for password to install the Android APP.


This APP currently uses raw data from u-blox M8T or M8P receiver. Connect the receiver to an android device by using an OTG cable. Use the APP to setup rover and base-station data (NTRIP server) etc for RTK. The APP runs RTK in real-time. It also logs raw data for post-processing use.



1. u-blox M8T or M8P receiver

2. OTG Cable to connect receiver to android device

3. NTRIP server address to access Base-station correction data



The APP an also use correction data from VRS. 

Check the "Transmit NMEA GGA to Base Station" box to use VRS. 

Note: We have not fully tested this function. We appreciate your feedbacks.


Please Contact dinesh{at}iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp for 

(1) Password to install the APP. 

(2) NTRIP address if you want to use our base-station data

For users in Tokyo and surrounding areas.

Note: The APP has time-bound license and is currently available for use until 31st December 2018. Please send request, if you want to continue to use the APP.


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