SAINF: A Toolbox for Analyzing the Effect of Infrastructural Features on the Distribution of Non-infrastrucutural Features

SAINF is a software tool based on ArcGis 8.2 for analyzing the effect of infrastructural features on the distribution of point-like non-infrastructural features. One of the distinct characteristics of SAINF is that it can deal with not only point-like infrastructural features but also line-like (e.g. railways) and polygon-like (e.g. big parks) features. SAINF analyzes these effects with the conditional nearest neighbor distance method and the cross K-function method. SAINF includes the following tools.

Tool 1 calculates the distance from each non-infrastructural feature to its nearest neighbor infrastructural feature.
Tool 2 gives the observed average nearest neigbor distance.
Tool 3 calculates the expected value and standard deviation of the nearest neigbor distance.
Tool 4 gives the observed number of the non-infrastructural features of which the distances to the nearest neighbor infrastructural features are in between certain intervals.
Tool 5 is used for obtaining the probability that the distance from a non-infrastructural feature to its nearest neighbor infrastrucutural feature is in between certain intervals.
Tool 6 provides the cross K-function method.

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