Professional and Community Service

Chair, technical committee of the use on GIS (2003)

Counselor, Map Information Center (2003-2007)

Vice President, g-Contents Exchange Promotion Conference (2003-2004)

Director, Japanese Association of Geographers (2002-2004)

Member, The steering committee of GIS Conference (2003-)

Full member, Commission on Modelling Geographical systems, International Union of Geographers, (1998-2000;2001-2003)

Member, The 18th Liaison Committee on Geography, Science Council of Japan  (2000-2003)

Member, Special Committee on Human Dimension Program, the 18th Liaison Committee Committee of Global Environment (2000-2003)

Member, The 17th Liaison Committee on Geography, Science Council of Japan  (1997-2000)

Counselor, Road Management Center (1998)

President, GIS Association (1998-2000)

Vice President, GIS Association (1996-1998)

Adviser, The National Spatial Data Infrastructure Promotion Association, Japan (1997-)

Board Member, GIS Association (1991-)

Board member, Association of Japanese Geographers (2002-2003)

University Service

Director, Center for Spatial Information Science, University of Tokyo (1998-2002)

Research Planning Committee, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo (1998-2000)

Chairman, Department of Urban Engineering (Graduate), University of Tokyo (1993-1994 ; 1997-1998)

Chairman, Department of Urban Engineering (Undergraduate), University of Tokyo (1991-1992 ; 1995-1996)

Outside University Service

Fire and Disaster Prevention GIS

Chairperson: Okabe, A. (University of Tokyo)
Main Committee Members:
Shibasaki, R. (University of Tokyo)
Nagao, I. (Fire and Disaster Management Agency)
Zama, S. (National Research Institute of Fire and Disaster)

Ministry of Home Affairs, Fire and Disaster Management Agency, Disaster Prevention Infomation Center

Project Period:

Report on the Examination and Development of the Regional Map Search System for Fire Prevention
and Disaster Prevention Management
Ministry of Home Affairs, Fire and Disaster Management Agency, Disaster Prevention Information Cener, 1999

Committee on G-XML Standardization

Chairperson: Iri, M.(Chuo University)
Okabe, A. (University of Tokyo)
Imai, H (University of Tokyo)
Saito, N (Keio University)
Arikawa, M (University of Tokyo)
Kubota, K (Chuo University)

Database Promotion Center, Japan

Project Period:

Committee on Model Projects of Next Generation GIS

Chairperson: Okabe, A.

(1) Evaluation of spatial data standard
(2) GIS problems to be resolved
(3) Economic effects of GIS projects
Shibasaki, R.  (University of Tokyo)
Koizumi, T. (Saitama University)
Jo, S. (Japan Institute of Synthetic Technology)

Consortium Members:
Sumitomo Metal Engineering, INS Engineering, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Synform, Toshiba,
Cadix, Soken, Nakanihon Air Service, Hitachi, Asahi, Tokyo Marine Risk Consulting,
Mitsubishi Corporation, NTT Data

Database Promotion Center, Japan

Project Period:

A report will be published

Research Committee on the Use of Computer Mapping Census Data

Chairperson: Ohtomo, A. (Nippon Women University)
Okabe, A.  (University of Tokyo)
Kohsaka H. (Nippon University)
Inaba, K.  (Land Survey Institute, Ministry of Construction)
Sasagawa, T.  (PASCO Cooperation)

Department of Statistics, Ministry of General Management
Statistical Information Institute for Consulting and Analysis

Research period: 

Research Report on the Use and Application of Census Mapping System Data;
Department of Statistics, Statistics Center, 1999 

Research Commitee on Standardization and the Use of City Planning Information Systems

Chairperson: Okabe, A.
Period:    1997-1999
Koshizawa, A. (Hokkaido University)
Shimizu, E.  (University of Tokyo)
Muromachi, Y.  (University of Tokyo)
Teraki, A.  (Institute of Building Science, Ministry of Construction)
Kobayashi, N.  (Tokyo Metropolitan Government)
Hamano, S.  (Yokohama City)
Hotta, H. 
(Almec Co.) 
Period:    1999-2000
Koshizawa, A. (Hokkaido University)
Shibasaki, R. (University of Tokyo)
Muromachi, Y. (University of Tokyo)
Teraki, A. (Institute of Building Science, Ministry of Construction)
Ichida, T. (Sapporo City)
Nozawa, S. (Utsunomiya City)
Sugizaki, K. (Sagamihara City)
Koide, K. (Urban Design Institute Co. )
Imai, O. (National Spatial Data Infrastructure)

Ministry of Construction
A symposium was held on February18, 1999 
Catalog for City Planning GIS, Department of City Planning, ministry of Construction, 
published by Hyogen Kenkyujo Co., 1999 

Research Committee on Laws Related to GIS

Chairperson: Horibe, M. (Chuo University)
Members :
Iwai, O. (National Spatial Data Infrastructure Promotion Association)
Iwama, Y. (Japan Federation of Economic Organizations)
Okabe, A. (University of Tokyo)
Sakka, F. (Yokohama University)
Tagaya, K.. (Chiba University)
Hasebe, T. (University of Tokyo)
Saito, H. (National Land Agency)
Yanagida, R. 
(National Land Agency) 
Horibe, M.(ed.) Issues in Laws Related to GIS ,
Department of National Land Planning and Adjustment、National Land Agency, 1998

ISO/TC211 Domestic Committee

Chairperson: Iri, M. (Chuo University)
Vice Chairperson: Hirai, Y. (Mapcon)
Okabe, A.  (University of Tokyo)
Shimizu  (University of Tokyo)
Imai, H.  (University of Tokyo)
Shibasaki, R.  (University of Tokyo)
Usui, T.  (Nara University)
Hashizume, K.  (Ministry of Trade and Industry)
Kikuchi, S.  (Ministry of Transportation)
Hoshino, Y.  (Ministry of Construction)
Doi, K.  (Japan Digital Mapping Association)
Watanabe, H.  (Japan Surveying Technology Association)

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