Editorship and Board Membership

·  Annals of Regional Science (a board member, 1995-2007)

·  Geographical Analysis (a board member, 1996-)

·  International Journal of Geographical Information Science (a board member, 1997-)

·  Geographical Systems (a board member, 1999-)

·  Environment and Planning B (a board member, 1999-2008)

·  Computers, Environment and Urban Systems (a board member, 1999-2004)

·  International Regional Science Review(a board member,2000-)

·  Journal of Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (a board member,2000-)

·  Networks and Spatial Economics (a board member,2001-)

·  GEO Asia Pacific (a regional editor, 1995-2001)

·  Geographical and Environmental Modeling (a regional editor, 1997-2002)


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