overview of my research

My current research explores landform evolution and geomorphological processes using Geospatial Information System (GIS), Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS/GPS) surveying, airborne and terrestrial laser scanning (ALS and TLS), structure-from-motion multi-view stereo photogrammetry (SfM-MVS), and rock property measurements. Major focus of my research is on, but not limited to, knickzones (namely knickpoints and waterfalls) in bedrock rivers. Rates of landform changes at knickzones are investigated using both field- and GIS-based data for study fields worldwide (Japan, Taiwan, North America and European Alps). Spatial distribution of knickzones is also examined using GIS techniques for analyzing Digital Elevation Models (DEM). My research interest also involves geoarchaeological examination of palaeoenvironments, with particular emphasis on impacts of landforms on human activities and human-induced changes in landforms. The studies include the use of GIS, satellite remote sensing, laser measurement, GNSS mapping and other field data collection techniques for study areas of archaeological sites in and around Anatolia and the Middle East (e.g., Turkey, Syria, Oman and Azerbaijan). These techniques related GIS and geomorphology are also being applied to modern urbanized areas.


research topics

geomorphology of bedrock rivers / 岩盤河川地形:滝、遷急点、遷急区間

high-definition topography / 高精細地形情報

geoarchaeology and palaeolandscape / 地考古学・景観復原


urban lanfroms